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STFU, Rape Culture!: [TW for sexist and semi-pornographic ads] Icky, concerning, problematic things that should not exist



Exhibit A:

just no.

Sexism and rape culture go hand in hand. American Apparel is well known for its degrading and sexists ads. While most ads that rely on the objectification of women bother me, AA really takes it a step beyond your garden variety sexist ads. They don’t just showcase women’s bodies, they specifically photograph them in almost pornographic ways, showcasing their genitals or their butts and sometimes pairing them with little puns like they have here.

In particular, the ad above really bothers me. Here, they don’t bother to give her a sassy smirk or force the model to recreate her orgasm face, they have her look maybe a little sad and uncomfortable. Sometimes they try to make it look as though women get a real kick out of being exploited and peddling knee socks via their vaginas, but why bother? It doesn’t really matter if women enjoy being sex objects—after all, her face isn’t the focus of the ad. It’s not her face that’s “now open.”

(Source: queerveganfeminist)

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